Case Study

Three Olives Rosé Vodka

Jr Art Director /
Agency: The Media Grind / 2018


Three Olives Vodka is a vibrant and youthful vodka brand known for its fun flavors. In the summer of 2018, the brand launched a rosé-flavored vodka with a 360 campaign. The campaign, Rosé: All Day & Night, tapped into the iridescent trend that embodies the versatility of a vodka that can be enjoyed all day and night.


The Three Olives Vodka (TOV) rosé drinker is 21+, youthful, and skews female.

  • Trendy + Current
  • Youthful
  • Vivacious
  • Social


While this campaign was multi-faceted, the main goal for the creative team was to create content to promote the new flavor launch:

  • Short (less than 15 sec) attention-grabbing, looping videos
  • Hero photo for use on social and PR

Team & Role

The senior art director and I collaborated on all aspects of asset creation from brainstorming through post-processing. I also directly managed wardrobe, prop styling, and cocktail styling. We worked with the greater team to ensure all art direction maintained consistently throughout.

Sr Art Director: Marc Fernandez
Jr Art Director: Kim Nguyen
Producer: Sarah Catallo
Sr Copywriter: Meghan Beckel
Social Manager: Courtney Best

Cocktail Stylist: Kim Nguyen
Wardrobe: Sarah Catallo + Kim Nguyen
Prop Stylist: Marc Fernandez + Kim Nguyen

DP: Mike Schneider
Photographer: Cris Benitah
Video Editor: Tony Kucenski
Photo Editor 1: Marc Fernandez
Photo Editor 2: Kim Nguyen


I collaborated with the senior art director to concept each creative asset. I created middle fidelity mock-ups using Adobe Photoshop (Fig 1). For video concepts with unique transitions, I created animated mock-ups using Adobe After Effects (Fig 2). These mock-ups were then presented to the client.

Fig 1. Mock-up of photo concept that became a video, see Fig 4 below.

Fig 2. Animated mock-up of video concept, see Fig 5 below.

On Set

Once the concepts were approved, I managed prop sourcing and styling to ensure a consistent visual identity. For wardrobe, I sourced outfits according to the concept and fit of the model. I also managed cocktail styling by creating test cocktails before shoot day and serving as the main cocktail stylist on set.


The senior art director oversaw all video post-processing, while I handled most of the photo post-processing. After the coloring was applied, I photoshopped all images to give a cleaner and more premium appearance. I then prepped each photo/carousel for social posting by ensuring propper image crop and spec.

Fig 1
Fig 3. Hero campaign photo, edited by me. Yes, I styled those cocktails.

The Outcome

The campaign was a success and generated over 35 million+ impressions across all social media platforms.

Fig 4. Top performing video on social, final product of Fig 1.

Fig 5. Top performing video on social, final product of Fig 2.

Fig 6. Vertical ad for Snapchat/IG.

Fig 7. Vertical ad for Snaphat/IG.

Fig 8. Cocktail recipe video, also cocktail/prop styled by me.

Other Campaign Aspects

One of the campaign touchpoints was a consumer activation at Day Club, Coachella 2018. The senior art director worked with the experiential team to plan and design most of the activation. I contributed in:

  • Designing print poster signage & giveaway cards (as seen in the video)
  • Brainstorming activation ideas for consumers with the experiential team
  • Concepting ideas for live content

Here is the video from the event:

Fig 8. Video from Coachella event.