Case Study

Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka

Jr Art Director /
Agency: The Media Grind / 2019


Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka is one of the firsts of it's kind, a premium blend of California rosé wine and vodka. Based in Alameda, California, Hangar 1 taps into its strong brand DNA to showcase the California lifestyle: the art of entertaining. To reinforce brand identity, Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka launched a cocktail video campaign in the summer-fall of 2019.


The Hangar 1 Rosé audience is 30+, affluent, and mostly female. She:

  • Is a food enthusiast
  • Loves to host
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Appreciates craftsmanship
  • Loves to travel


Create 6 beautiful cocktail videos for social that will reinforce brand identity by showcasing the California lifestyle of 1 Hangar Rosé.

Team & Role

For this project, I worked with a small team and wore many hats. The senior art director and I collaborated on concepting and creating mock-ups/storyboards for each video idea. Once we moved into production, I worked closely with the producer to manage cocktail styling and wardrobe.

Sr Art Director: Marc Fernandez
Jr Art Director: Kim Nguyen
Producer: Sarah Catallo
Sr Copywriter: Rita Kokshanian
Production Manager: Ayla Raro

DP: Edgar Martin
Prop Stylist: Alicia Buszczak
Cocktail Stylist 1: Marian Cooper Cairns
Cocktail Stylist 2: Russell Krantz
Video Editor: Enoch Kim


The senior art director and I divvied up the concepts and I was given free rein to concept half (3) of the videos. First, I sketched out the storyboards by hand and then created them digitally in Adobe Photoshop. I pieced together the frames to create a storyboard (Fig 1) which was then presented to the client.

Fig 1
Fig 1. Storyboard for Berry Champagne video

On Set

For production, I managed cocktail styling, key prop sourcing, and wardrobe. For wardrobe, I sourced outfits and accessories for all models. At the photo shoot, I served primarily as the cocktail stylist assistant.

The Outcome