Case Study

Creyente x Glacce

Jr Art Director /
Agency: The Media Grind / 2019


Mezcal Creyente is a premium mezcal brand that celebrates the spiritual wanderer. In 2019, Creyente tapped into the crystal healing trend and partnered with Glacce, a wellness brand known for its crystal water bottles. This partnership marries both worlds and encourages consumers to try Creyente with a special crystal at-home mixology kit.

Mezcal Creyente
Glacce water bottle. Source: Instagram.


The Creyente x Glacce kit user is a sophisticated urbanite and spiritual searcher that values cultural and authentic experiences.

  • Interests: Burning Man, Astrology, Mindfulness, Spirituality
  • Age: 25+
  • Affluent
  • Educated


The overall brand strategy was to increase brand awareness and reinforce the brand positioning. While this project had multiple touchpoints, the main objective of the creative team was to:

  • Design a Creyente x Glacce home mixology kit to send out to press
  • Create supporting creative for social media & press

Team & Role

Our team was small and mighty - the senior art director and I managed all creative aspects of this project. He designed the packaging and I worked on designing the kit contents. Together, we collaborated on concepting and producing the photoshoot. We also worked closely with the producer to ensure a consistent visual brand identity.

Sr Art Director: Marc Fernandez
Jr Art Director: Kim Nguyen
Producer: Sarah Catallo
Sr Copywriter: Rita Kokshanian

DP: Ed Rudolph
Prop Stylist: Gena Sigala
Cocktail Stylist: Vini Mauger

Designing the Kit

As the resident cocktail connoisseur, I designed each item to fill the home mixology kit. To start, I researched the basic components of a home barware kit (Fig 1). From there, I concepted various ideas for each piece where the liquid would interact with the crystal to charge it with energy (Fig 2). After several rounds of concepting and mock-up creation, the client approved: the use of clear quartz, one glass mixing tumbler, one crystal stir rod, and two crystal drinking glasses (Fig 3).

Fig 1
Fig 1. Research findings: Basic anatomy of an at home mixology kit.
Fig 2. Example mid-fidelity mock-up of an early round of ideation. Designs were improved.
Fig 1
Fig 4. Mock-up of packaging for press kit
Fig 4. The final product. L-to-R: Mezcal Creyente, mixing tumbler, 2 drinking glasses, 1 glass stir rod

Photo Magic

The producer, senior art director, and I collaborated on producing a photoshoot to show off the kit. The senior art director took the lead on concepting, and I worked on ensuring those concepts came to life. That took form in key prop sourcing and cocktail styling prep. On the set, I was the cocktail stylist manager, working to ensure beautiful cocktails.

The Outcome

The images were post-processed in-house and used across social media platforms and to support PR initiatives.

Full kit with the packaging
Kit in use, with cocktails styled by me
Hero cocktail image
Stir rod in use